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Beat The Winter Blues With This Light Therapy Umbrella

Beat The Winter Blues With This Light Therapy Umbrella

light therapy umbrella, inbrella

Winter is well and truly here, no ifs or buts about it. But don’t just succumb to the fact it’s cold as heck, rainy and all ’round miserable! Get your hands on an umbrella that doubles as a light-therapy device. Banish those winter blues.

It’s the invention we didn’t know we needed (and perhaps don’t even really want).


The brolly – dubbed the Inbrella – comes from hotel company Days Inn, and is available for use at select USA locations, including Seattle, Portland, New York City, Houston, New Orleans and Miami.

The Inbrella’s purpose is to help travellers combat gloomy weather by not only keeping them dry, but also by treating them to a cheeky spot of light therapy.

light therapy umbrella, inbrella

It is kitted out with LED lights, which generate more than 4,000 LUX each, giving you a little boost of vitamin D while staying dry and – most importantly – looking fly*.

*Jury is still out on how fly you’ll actually look holding one of these bad boys.

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For more information, or to know exactly where you can try one out yourself, visit the Days Inn website.

(All images: Days Inn)

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