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Lego Just Released A Grand Piano Model You Can Build And Play, So 2020 Isn’t A Total Waste

Lego Just Released A Grand Piano Model You Can Build And Play, So 2020 Isn’t A Total Waste

I will fully admit to having always been a Lego nerd. Honestly if it wasn’t for the price tag my whole house would be decorated with it. But even if that isn’t you, this is 2020 — the year of finding new hobbies while you wait out a pandemic — and Lego is a mighty fine way to stay entertained.

This is especially true now that they’ve released a Grand Piano 3662-piece model that you can not only build, but actually PLAY.

Just to be clear, the piano is Lego-sized, so you won’t need to rearrange the furniture to fit it in, but it definitely does play (as long as you build it right, I suppose).

If that isn’t a thousand times better than baking sour dough and pretending to care about finishing the super complicated puzzle you bought, then everything I know is wrong.

You guys, seriously, just watch this video of the designer walking us through all the features — it’s actually insane:

Can we just talk about the score sheet real quick? Yes, it’s small, which I obviously love, but it’s also an original song composed by Danny Chen, a Lego Fan Designer (which is apparently a thing where randoms can submit ideas to Lego and also my new life goal). It’s just a cute story, I had to share.

I honestly can’t explain why things in miniature make me so damn excited, and yet — MINI PLAYING KEYS? A tiny stand for a tiny score to sit on? Tiny foot pedals? Not to mention how the inside of this toy piano looks every bit as intricate as its real-life counter part. I’m so hype right now, it’s ridiculous.

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Apparently I’m not the only one either, seeing as the new Grand Piano design is already out of stock on the Australia Lego website. But don’t worry, they say it’s only temporarily, so it’ll be back.

When it does come back, it’ll take a $529.99 chunk out of your bank account, so maybe this time to save is a good thing.

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