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An NYC Ice-Creamery Is Serving Scoops Sprinkled With Insects

An NYC Ice-Creamery Is Serving Scoops Sprinkled With Insects

Creepy crawlies have been touted as the sustainable future of food for a while now, but does that mean we’re ready for them to come part-and-parcel with our favourite ice-cream flavours?

It looks like you don’t have a choice, because grasshoppers are about to become a permanent fixture on the menu at La Newyorkina, a popular Mexican-inspired sweets shop in New York’s Greenwich Village.

The chilli-coated critters made their debut atop a vanilla-chilli ice-cream sundae drizzled with mescal-infused caramel and finished with a slice of candied orange.

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According to Grub Street, the grasshoppers aren’t a gimmick. In fact, for La Newyorkina owner Fany Gerson, they’ve been a snack staple since childhood.

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“In Oaxaca, eating grasshoppers is very popular. You eat them as a snack the way people eat nuts,” she told the New York-based publication. “We get a lot of requests for sprinkles, and this is a way to keep everything we do natural.”

The sundae will be available until the end of July, and retails for $15, or $12 USD, if you’re game, while Gerson says she’s planning on making grasshoppers available indefinitely. La Newyorkina is located at 240 Sullivan Street, New York.

(Lead image: La Newyorkina / Facebook)

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