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Kick, Step, Step: The Spandex Babes At Retrosweat Are Streaming ‘80s-Inspired Home Workout Vids

Kick, Step, Step: The Spandex Babes At Retrosweat Are Streaming ‘80s-Inspired Home Workout Vids

Shannon Dooley of Retrosweat

Raise your hand if you started iso with an awesome home workout routine that’s, well, slipped a bit. It’s fine, we’ve all been there. And that’s why Retrosweat and Koala have partnered up to create the perfect cure to the home workout blues: The Great Australian Workout.

Think of the most colourful, fun, Aussie, and downright entertaining home workout you’ve ever seen in your life. That’s what this incredible, Ken Done-inspired collab has in store for home workout experts and beginners alike.

Kicking off on May 27, the iconic Shannon Dooley of Retrosweat fame is bringing us 12 episodes of ‘80s-inspired workout goodness. And the best part is, every episode is entirely free.

Follow along at home to get your post-iso bod ready or to find your iso abs. Get among puns, Aussie icons, and fluro spandex as you kick, step, step, and push. In case you couldn’t tell already, this is no ordinary home workout.


The Great Australian Workout videos will bring that classic Retrosweat charm back into your life. If you’ve never done a class before, we’ll give you a little hint about what to expect. Plenty of tunes, lots of spandex and some killer exercises come together to create one of the greatest workouts ever conceived.

The Great Australian Workout is designed to get people moving and improve their health and happiness. Especially now, Koala wants to help people create beautiful, cosy homes, as well as having a good time while staying at home.

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Keep an eye on the Retrosweat IGTV channel as well as Koala social media channels for each episode in The Great Australian Workout. There’ll be an episode every day for two weeks, so you’ll have plenty of inspo coming at you around the clock.

This article originally appeared on Junkee.

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