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You Can Now Go Behind The Counter At KFC To Cook Your Own Chicken

You Can Now Go Behind The Counter At KFC To Cook Your Own Chicken

KFC Open Kitchen 2019 fried chicken

Fancy yourself a bit of a chef? Love a bit of fried chicken? Well a) you’re not alone, and b) get ready to fry up a storm. KFC restaurants across the United Kingdom and Ireland are about to open their kitchens to the public for an event called KFC Open Kitchen, allowing you to make your own fried-chicken creation.


Around 300 stores around both countries will be participating in the hotly anticipated international fry-up, to be held on Saturday March 30. Participants will most certainly be able to eat their own creations, as well as extra servings of store-cooked chicken, chippies, side dishes and drink. They will also get a KFC-branded hat and apron to keep, so we guess high fashion is an added element of this event.

kfc open kitchen 2019
Fried chicken galore.

Participants in KFC Open Kitchen will be tested against true KFC chefs to see if they have what it takes to bread the chicken by hand, deal with the head of the fryer, and keep up with the pace while making their own KFC burger. Try not to eat the centrepiece of your burger before you’ve constructed the whole thing.

We assume that part of the event will include allowing aspiring fried-chicken chefs to use the famous KFC Original Recipe flavouring – proximity which may help true KFC fans to decipher the secret seven herbs and spices used to dust the delicious chicken.

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The KFC Open Kitchen event costs £5 per person (a bargain, really) and all proceeds go to the KFC Foundation and helping youths (except in Ireland, where proceeds will go to a local charity). Fried chicken, backstage access at your nearest KFC, and your own creation plus more goodies to eat? What are you waiting for?

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(All images: KFC Australia / Facebook)

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