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The High-Tech KFC Drive-Through-Only Has Opened & 2019 Has Officially Peaked

The High-Tech KFC Drive-Through-Only Has Opened & 2019 Has Officially Peaked

KFC Drive Through Only Store: It's Peak 2019 & It Opens Today

Back in July, the internet kinda broke when it heard that Australia was getting the world’s first KFC drive-through-only store. We hope you’re prepared to break some more stuff, because that store has opened.

Broadmeadow in Newcastle is now officially home to the world’s first high-tech, drive-through-only KFC restaurant.


Order online through the KFC App or website and you’ll get a four-digit code. Roll through an ordering lane, punch in your code, and wait until the boom gate raises up before driving through to collect your food at the window.

All the food’s cooked when the code is entered, meaning you can order dinner ahead of schedule, or prep for a morning when you know you’ll be feeling a bit dusty. You are truly worth pre-ordered fried chicken.


The store has five drive-through lanes, including two traditional ordering lanes and three reserved for the new online pick-up method.

“We are continually looking for ways to offer our customers even faster and more convenient ordering. KFC is committed to investing in technology and innovative restaurant designs – so a delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken meal is only a click away,” said Inara Gravitis, Chief Development Officer at KFC Australia.

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If the Drive Thru Only KFC store is successful in Broadmeadow, the chain plans to open more only stores across Australia. I, for one, welcome our new fried chicken overlords.

No more will our most fulfilling relationship be with the Uber Eats delivery driver. No more will we have to put on pants to get our fix of finger lickin’ fried chicken. And no more will we have to talk to anyone to get our hangover cure!

The KFC Drive Through Only store is located at 80 Lambton Road, Broadmeadow, and it’s open daily from 10am until midnight.

(Images: KFC / supplied)

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