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The World’s First Drive-Through-Only, High-Tech KFC Store Is Opening In Australia

The World’s First Drive-Through-Only, High-Tech KFC Store Is Opening In Australia

If you order so much Uber Eats that you’re starting to know the delivery drivers by name, you’ll be pleased to know that the world’s first KFC drive-through-only store will soon open in our very own city of Newcastle.

You and your questionable eating habits are saved from another awkward encounter – or you will be, when the trial store opens in Broadmeadow in November.


The new store will have five drive-through lanes, including three fast-service lanes for orders made via the KFC app or website and two traditional order and payment lanes. So you’ll still be able to make your poor Uber driver make a detour into the drive-through and shout your order across the car at the end of a night out.

To use the fast-service lanes, customers will first place their order on the KFC app or website, and then enter the four-digit code that’s generated onto a touchscreen in the drive-through lane and voilà, your fried chicken awaits.

The introduction of a code means you can pre-order your fried chicken, if you so desire. Whether you’re ordering dinner ahead of schedule or just prepping for the day when you know you’ll be hungover, this is a game-changer.

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If the KFC drive-through-only store is successful in Broadmeadow, KFC plans to open more drive-through only stores across Australia. I, for one, welcome our new fried chicken overlords, as long as I can pay my respects in a drive-through window without getting out of the car or interacting with other people.

It’s a slightly different kind of food innovation than you’d normally find in Newcastle, which is mostly known for its coffee scene, local wines and brunch culture. Same same, really.

(Images: KFC Australia)

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