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Japan’s Newest Dessert Trend Lets You Suck On A Samurai Sword

Japan’s Newest Dessert Trend Lets You Suck On A Samurai Sword

Katana Ice

Japan arguably does dessert better than anywhere else in the world. Now, with over 300 KitKat flavours to choose from, local confectioners have turned to local traditions for sweet inspiration.

In the city of Seki, in Japan’s Gifu Prefecture (just over 200km from Osaka) – a region famous for production of swords and utensils – a local confectionary chef is crafting katana (samurai swords) entirely from ice cream. Called Katana Ice, the sweets were dreamed up by a local student as part of a business planning contest and made a reality with help from the Seki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Department.

The blades are made from slow-melting ice cream coated with kudzu starch, meaning they stay frozen for longer, while the guard is crafted from chocolate-covered biscuits. There are two flavours available: bean paste or Japanese citron.

A single Katana Ice costs around $11.50 (Y1000) each and, given it’s a relatively small local operation, they’re only available in Seki for the time being (there’s also a small trial running in nearby Hashima City, with just 50 of the treats available per day).

How To Get There

  • Fly into Kansai International Airport
  • Take the Midosuji Line from Yodoyabashi station to Shin-Osaka station
  • Swap to the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen line and travel to Nagoya station
  • Take a bus from Meitetsu BC bus stop to Seki

(Lead image: @neku07 / Twitter)

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