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Jetstar Is Selling Flights Around The Country For $19 And This Is Not A Drill

Jetstar Is Selling Flights Around The Country For $19 And This Is Not A Drill

HOLY HELL! If ever there was a sale fare to tempt you back into the skies, this $19 fare sale from Qantas and Jetstar is it. I mean, it’s basically my duty to single-handedly re-boost the tourism industry, right?

“There is huge pent up demand for air travel, with people wanting to get away after months of being stuck at home,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said in a statement. He’s not bloody wrong either, let’s be honest.

What are the deals?

It’s not just one and done on the $19 fares either. Jetstar have a full 22 one-way routes around the country for less than a meal out on the town. That includes Brisbane to Sydney, Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney to Townsville.

If, like me, and one sale fare is like a Pringle and once you pop you simply can’t stop because you’ve been storing it up inside for SO LONG then you may also want to consider the slightly more pricey but still epically good deals. For example, Sydney to Darwin for $99, Brisbane to Adelaide for $65 and Sydney to Hamilton Island for $79.

Qantas is trying to get its customers back on planes by offering triple Frequent Flyers points on every domestic flight they book between now and June 24.

What’s the fine print?

I honestly don’t know what you’re still doing here, the link is on right now over on their website, and it’s running until 11.59pm on June 22 unless sold out sooner. Also keep in mind both airlines will be following new health and cleaning guidelines.

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If you’re looking for more excuses to finally get back to travelling, all new domestic Jetstar flights booked for travel from now until October 31 come with one free date change. If you have a voucher, good news — all new and existing unused vouchers issued due to COVID-19 can now be used across more than one booking.

Jetstar also reckons there will be more sale fares in future targeting Tasmania and Western Australia once those states have released clearer guidelines about opening their borders.

(Lead Image: Pexels /Anugrah Lohiya)

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