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Jetstar Will Be Giving Away $10K Worth Of Free Flights In Sydney And Melbourne Today

Jetstar Will Be Giving Away $10K Worth Of Free Flights In Sydney And Melbourne Today

Tomorrow marks Jetstar’s 17th birthday and to celebrate the milestone they’re giving away $10,000 worth of free — yes, free — flight vouchers. A happy birthday, indeed!

The gift vouchers will be given away on screens in Sydney’s Central Station and Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station. When commuters see a QR code ‘fly’ across the screen on a Jetstar plane, the first person to ‘catch’ the code with their phone will win a gift voucher worth between $50 and $500.

Never before has their been a better excuse to be on your phone at the train station. Or a better excuse to show off those QR-scanning skills that we’ve all spent the last 12 months perfecting.

Jetstar oOh! screen

Between 6am-9pm today (Tuesday, May 25) 70 lucky commuters will get their hands on free flights.

For anyone who doesn’t live in Sydney or Melbourne (or, you know, is still happily working from home) Jetstar will be extending their birthday celebrations to their Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to check those out tomorrow too.

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“We’re excited to be sharing our birthday celebrations with our customers at a time when demand for leisure travel is at the strongest it’s ever been,” said Jetstar’s Chief Customer Officer Alan McIntyre. “There’s no doubt there’ll be lots of keen travellers at Flinders Street and Central Stations to snap up these travel vouchers to put towards their next trip.”

If you spend your morning commute pretending you’re on your way to the airport to leave on an epic Australian holiday — not work — this is your chance to make that daydream a reality. So, keep your eyes peeled!

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