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Japan Now Has Spreadable Coffee To Put On Your Toast

Japan Now Has Spreadable Coffee To Put On Your Toast

Japan is now selling spreadable coffee, just in case your morning cup didn’t quite do the job.

We’re familiar with the wacky food creations that have come out of Japan — kit kat sushi or a bath full of maple syrup anyone? — and now we can add another weirdly delicious snack to the list. Japanese company Snow Milk Products have created a spreadable coffee.


The coffee spread came about as a way to celebrate the 55th year of the brand’s famous coffee. With the consistency of smooth peanut butter, the spread has a sweet, creamy coffee taste that you can put on pancakes, toast, muffins or just eat straight out of the tub with a spoon.

Sure, there’s probably not enough caffeine in it to give you the buzz you’re after, but if you like the taste of coffee, it’ll definitely do the trick. In fact, with ingredients like skimmed milk powder, fats, coffee and sweetener, it’s pretty similar to Nutella. So you know it’s gonna be pretty good.

You can buy the coffee spread in Japan right now. Sadly, there aren’t any plans to make its way Down Under. But hey – any excuse for a trio to Japan right?

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