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It’s Official: We Found The World’s Best Natural Pool

It’s Official: We Found The World’s Best Natural Pool

Nestled deep in the Jalapão State Park in central Brazil is a sight for sore eyes. Among the dense vegetation, the sweltering heat and too many banana plants to mention is a stunning blue oasis that’s perfect for an afternoon dip.

The Fervedouro pool is crystal clear and sits on a bed of white sand, making it one of the most picturesque natural pools in the world – and trust us, we’ve seen quite a few.

Photo: Amanda Leite/Wikimedia Commons

The water is warm year-round, with the pool being fed by an underground chute that spurts temperate water into the small enclosed area. The pressure from the water forms air bubbles, which means you float without even trying.

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What a dream.

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You can find this natural wonder near the village of Mateiros in Tocantins, about a day’s drive from Rio de Janeiro.


(Lead image: Ffpaniago/Wikimedia Commons)

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