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It’s Important That You See These Photos Of A Sausage Dog On Holiday In Banff, Canada

It’s Important That You See These Photos Of A Sausage Dog On Holiday In Banff, Canada

If you have any trace of a bad mood, we’ve found just the thing to banish it: a travelling sausage dog.

Meet Crusoe, the celebrity dachshund with his own website, Instagram and New York Times best-selling book. (Yes, for real.) Crusoe, who writes his blog in first-person (first-canine?), is quite the frequent traveller, having visited France, Italy, Switzerland, NYC and the Bahamas in recent years. Now, he also headed our for a “much needed” trip to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, with a whole bunch of holiday snaps that you should drop everything to look at right now.


While in the area, he staged a meet and greet with many of his adoring fans before heading into the wild of the Canadian Rockies.

Ready for Canada, you guys.

While there, he spent a bunch of time outdoors, hiking, wagging, turning in circles, and doing other fun outside things.

A true influencer.
Did Drake name ‘Views’ after this?
Nothing like a nice warm cuppa on a chilly day, amirite?

After some strenuous hikes wearing the height of dog fashion, celeb dog Crusoe – like any weary traveller – just craved some downtime.

Don’t drink that.
Spa sesh, nice.

Seriously, someone give me this dog.

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Good boy.

Follow Crusoe on Instagram here for more extremely cute adventures.

(All images: Celebrity Dachshund)

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