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Is This The World’s Most Stylish Capsule Hotel?

Is This The World’s Most Stylish Capsule Hotel?

Japan is synonymous with ‘capsule hotels’ for two reasons: it invented them, and it does them better than anywhere else in the world.

Capsule hotels are a type of accommodation developed in Japan to provide cheap, no-fuss, tiny guest rooms (“capsules”) to travellers and city workers alike – and we reckon we’ve found the best looking one on the planet.



Japan’s Koyasan Guesthouse Kokuu is found an hour south of Osaka in the foothills of the Kii Mountains, beside a huge cedar forest. Its sleek, airy design is a portrait of Japanese minimalism – everything is concrete, wooden or white, with small stacked bedrooms featuring just enough space for a bed.


The hotel was designed by Kyoto design firm Alphaville and is owned by local couple Ryochi and Yuri Takai, who can arrange a number of onsite activities like shiatsu massages, local tours and calligraphy classes.


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As well as the capsule rooms, there are also double bed rooms and rooms with both a double bed and a loft bunk that sleep three people.

With prices for a capsule room starting at $45AUD per night, a stay at the Koyasan Guesthouse Kokuu is both stylish and affordable. Bonus.

(All images: Toshiyuki Yanno and Alphaville architects)

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