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The New iPhone Camera Will Change Your Travel Snaps Forever

The New iPhone Camera Will Change Your Travel Snaps Forever

Apple iPhone X

Apple unveiled their latest iPhones overnight and, as expected, the world has collectively lost its mind. Since the release of the first iPhone 10 years ago, we’ve ditched digital cameras and reached into our pockets to capture stunning travel moments.

Now, the tech giant has unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models — and they’re going to change your travel-snap game for the better.

Apple iPhone X

Much like the iPhone 7 Plus, the X and iPhone 8 Plus handsets will be kitted-out with dual 12-megapixel cameras. The difference is, the new mobiles will feature a bigger and better 12-megapixel sensor, a new colour filter, deeper pixels and optical image stabilisation – all tech talk for bloody beautiful images.

Apple iPhone X

If you’re wondering which is superior when it comes to capturing that Cappadocia sunrise, it’s the X, thanks to its telephoto lens. The 8’s telephoto lens has f/2.8 aperture, while the iPhone X has an f/2.4 telephoto lens, giving it a slight edge in depth-of-field and low-light shots, meaning you’ll be able to get crisper shots in all lighting setups.

Apple iPhone X camera

If you’re ready to kill your followers dead with Instagram envy, the new iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27, with the handset in stores on November 3. The new 8 models will be available for online purchase on September 15, and in stores from September 22.

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iPhone 8 models start from $1079, and the X starts from $1579. For updates and pre-order, visit Apple’s website.

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