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Instagrammer Of The Week: @brendanvanson

Instagrammer Of The Week: @brendanvanson

Canadian travel photographer Brendan Vanson has traversed the globe, visiting over 80 countries on six different continents over the course of five years – and he’s not slowing down any time soon. He documents his travels, as well as photography tips and destination guides, on his blog and shares his photos on Instagram. Chuck him a follow if, like us, you’re constantly thinking of where you’ll go to next. Here’s five of our favourite shots of his.



This shot was taken in Alberta, Canada, where Brendan has visited over 100 times and firmly calls one of his favourite places in the world. Wonder why?


A local woman weaves winter wear at an alpaca farm just outside of Cusco. Alpaca my coat!


Ecuador’s swing over the edge of a cliff in Baños may be the most terrifying thing ever. Each leg pumping motion hovers the rider over the empty abyss of the canyon below for a few pulse-quickening, hair-stiffening moments. You go first ok, we’ll just watch from here.


Brendan seems to have a special knack for capturing portrait photos. These young Peruvian guys want to know how YOU doin’?


A surfer carving it up at Pismo Beach in California.

Check out @brendanvanson for more and don’t forget to follow @awol_aus for your daily dose of inspiration.

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