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IKEA Is Transforming A Sydney Ferry Into A Floating Apartment

IKEA Is Transforming A Sydney Ferry Into A Floating Apartment

Imagine reclining on your FJÄDRAR or reading a book with the aid of your SVARTÖ, all while floating on a ferry and enjoying uninterrupted Sydney Harbour views. This could actually be your life.

IKEA is turning an iconic Sydney ferry into a luxurious harbour home and one lucky Aussie is going to win a sleepover for them and a friend in the converted boat. The Harbour Home will include a bedroom, dining and living areas, and an outdoor space to take in those stunning million-dollar views.

To be eligible to win, you’ll just need to share a snapshot, video, or tell IKEA what you love about your life at home.


The idea comes off the back of some data in the IKEA Life at Home Report, which says one in three believe that a home goes beyond four walls, and 36 percent say the surrounding neighbourhood is an extension to their home. And what better neighbourhood is there than all of Sydney Harbour?

IKEA have really been stepping up their game in recent years, having organised pre-furnished homes – yes, roof to floor IKEA – to be delivered to people, as well as posting an entire IKEA store on AirBnb, then waking their guests up with puppies and an orchestra. Not bad, IKEA not bad at all.

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The prospect of sleeping in a decked out ferry on Sydney Harbour sounds amazing, as does being in an IKEA catalogue room without the crowds and queues – talk about a slice of heaven. For many of us, it’s probably as close as we’ll ever get to calling Sydney Harbour home, so be sure to enter the competition by clicking here.

(Lead image: Mertie/Flickr)

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