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Iceland’s Newest Attraction Is A Hot Tub Made By A Volcano

Iceland’s Newest Attraction Is A Hot Tub Made By A Volcano

Iceland is proving, yet again, that it is really the place to be spending your vacation days – from other-worldly ice caves to super cool music festivals to its sheer amazing scenery – and we might have moved Iceland straight to the top of our bucket lists after this new discovery.


In the northern region of Iceland, right near the Vatnajökull glacier, a huge natural hot springs has emerged in the aftermath of last year’s month-long volcanic eruption of Iceland’s Holuhraun volcano. You may remember in August of 2014, flights in and around Europe and the UK were halted due to the volcanic ash and cloud caused by this particular eruption – the volcano spewed out lava that stretched almost 85 square kilometres, with the eruption only ending in February of this year.

A large body of water at the north of the lava field has recently begun exhibiting temperatures of around 35 to 49 degrees, making a perfect bathing spot for brave Icelandic travellers.

The pool, which hasn’t been given a name just yet, is constantly changing in size and shape but it’s estimated to cover around 500 square metres. The water streams down from a branch of the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest ice cap in Europe, and is heated by the still streaming lava at the northern edge – the resulting water is filtered into a super clear bathing area complete with small wading pools that are around 40cm deep.

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Yet another reason why we need to get to Iceland immediately.

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