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Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Is Getting A Ridiculously Fancy Hotel

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Is Getting A Ridiculously Fancy Hotel

Iceland’s impossibly bright geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon are often brimming with excited travellers. Of course, it’s to be expected.

The Blue Lagoon is a stunning natural phenomenon that also happens to be 15 minutes away from Reykjavik airport. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and ‘must-see’ greatness. A spectacular, irresistible, giant tourist bath.

Up until now, there was no refuge from the swathes of people at the lagoon. When pop culture royalty like Beyonce and Kimmy K want to go for a dip, what were they supposed to do? They had to soak in the filth of regular people just like we did. Sad, really.

Never fear though, the Blue Lagoon has fixed this problem by adding a completely bonkers luxury hotel to its offering.


The super fancy hideaway will be fit out with classic Nordic furnishings, floor-to-ceiling window views of the lagoon and ground floor rooms with balcony access to the magical waters from their room. Bliss!


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The rest of the hotel will be decked out with a bunch of things you’d expect from a luxe offering: steam room, spa, fire pit, sauna, and a gourmet restaurant offering premium local cuisine. It’s all completely sustainable too, powered by the very same geothermal energy that makes the lagoon an attraction in the first place.

The Lava Cove and Moss Hotel is expected to be open later this year, but as you’ve probably already guessed, the rooms won’t come cheap. A one night stay in the hotel will set you back over AUD$3500. Maybe it’s best we leave it for Bey to enjoy.

(All images: Blue Lagoon)

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