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You Can Spend The Night In A Giant Beehive Fit For Humans

You Can Spend The Night In A Giant Beehive Fit For Humans

Humble Bee

Nestled between the pine trees in the woods on the outskirts of Okehampton in West Devon, England, you’ll find Humble Bee, a peculiar-looking cabin in the shape of a ginormous beehive.

There’s no need to bring along the bee sting kit, though — there’s only room for a colony of two; you and a guest.

Humble Bee is an entirely open-plan structure set over three mezzanine-style floors. You enter the top, via a gangway, and will be greeted by views of stunning greenery once inside.

The attention to detail and creative design is what keeps guests coming back, with quirky additions like bed frames made from wooden crates, cymbal light frames and detailed honeycomb mirrors.

Humble Bee

Comfort is never compromised, either. Guests can sip champagne as the steam from the outdoor bath drifts up the rock walls, or fold back the shutters and let the woodland breeze flow through the tiny home.

Although it feels totally secluded, the town of Okehampton is just a 10-minute walk away, and is home to some incredible art galleries and independent boutiques.

Humble Bee

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A 15-minute drive will get you to Dartmoor, which boasts cycling routes, rock pools, and restaurants.

A weekend in this cabin is sure to leave you buzzing.

Bookings start at $700 (£390) for a three-night stay, and can be booked online.

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