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You Can Hire This Whole Island In Queensland With 33 Of Your Closest Mates

You Can Hire This Whole Island In Queensland With 33 Of Your Closest Mates

In what could possibly be the most epic decision you and your mates have ever made, you have the opportunity to hire out an entire island off the coast of Queensland.


No, this is not an episode of House Hunters‘ flawless reality television show ‘Island Hunters‘. This is real life. And we’re telling you, you actually can rent an entire island. Somewhat affordably, too.

All yours.

Pumpkin Island is situated in North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef in amongst the Keppel Islands. It’s located just off the coast of Yeppoon and is accessible by ferry, boat or helicopter after flying into Rockhampton. The island has four cabins and two bungalows to house up to 34 people and is completely self sustainable, with all facilities powered by solar and wind.


You’d have to bring all of your own food, drinks and entertainment though, as there’s no shop on the six hectare piece of paradise.


But think of all the things you could do. Snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, reading a book in a hammock and winding down next to a bonfire on the beach. It’s the dream.


So, for the part we know you’re wondering: are you about to tell us that this will cost about a squillion dollars?

Well, we did the math. If you want to book the whole island, it’ll cost you from $2,100 per night for about 10 people, which works out just under $210 per person, per night. Add more people to your group and the price per person just keeps going down. That’s… incredible. I mean, that’d be good for a basic hotel room but this is an island we’re talking about! It’s a steal!

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C’mon, do us proud. Rent the island. You know you want to.

Getting there? It’s easy. Fly to Rockhampton, then you can then jump on a ferry, boat or helicopter to transfer across to the idyllic island paradise that awaits.

(All photos: Pumpkin Island)

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