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Here’s A Genius Way To Collate All Those Travel Recommendations

Here’s A Genius Way To Collate All Those Travel Recommendations

If you’re planning a trip, it can be hard to keep track of all the recommendations you get from friends, fellow travellers and really awesome travel sites (ahem). You’ve probably got a rolling list in your phone, or a few scattered post-its reminding you of that weird canyon in Arizona or the incredible Tunnel of Love in Ukraine.

While you probably think your system is working fine, there is an easy hack that’ll make remembering restaurant names, landmarks and neighbourhoods infinitely easier – Google Maps’ save feature.

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Unearthed by the geniuses at Insider, this nifty trick helps you collate all those “must-see” recommendations in one place. It’s basically like putting post-it notes on your very own digital map – and unlike your hackneyed memory, the Internet never forgets. That means you’ll be more than prepared when you finally hit Chicago or Bogotà or Wellington and be able to rattle off a bunch of cool restaurants and sights to see at the drop of a hat.

The feature is super easy to use – type in your location and once it comes up, tap on the tag at the bottom to make it full screen. Then just tap the SAVE feature and a star will be added to your map. The function works on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps as well.

So for example, if Peru’s on the bucket list but you’re still not sure when you’ll be able to get yourself over there, you can start planning now. Because you’ve heard about Huacachina, a IRL oasis in the desert, you can pop that in. And Laguna 69, the other hike you need to do in Peru – that’s in there as a reminder too.

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Honestly, it’s weird that we’ve never thought of this before.

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