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Your Guide To The Weirdest Tourist Attractions In The World

Your Guide To The Weirdest Tourist Attractions In The World

Sometimes the best things about a destination can be the least expected. Visiting the Colosseum is great, but what about learning how to fight like a gladiator while you’re there? It pushes the experience to a whole new level.

TripAdvisor has compiled the weirdest and most wonderful tourist attractions from around the world to keep your trip interesting.

It’s time to get weird. Enjoy!

#10 Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

Photo: Dodi Mulyana/Flickr CC

We can all agree that Indonesia’s beaches, mountains and forests have a kind of magical beauty to them. But the Blue Fire phenomenon on the Ijen volcano is straight up supernatural (or so it looks).

At night, the Ijen volcano looks like it’s spitting out glowing blue lava, a natural phenomenon that needs to be seen to be believed. Starting at midnight, the trekking tour will take you to the summit of Ijen so you can get a close-up look yourself.

The blue light occurs due to the combustion of sulphuric acid rising at a high temperature from the volcano. When the gases condense into liquid sulphur, they form a mountainside stream which resembles lava.

Where: Departures from Surabaya, Bali and Banguwangi, Indonesia
How much: From $83 (848,000IDR) when travelling in a group of 10 or more

#9 Cat Yoga

Stretch, kitty!

Cats have won the heart of the internet, and yoga has won the heart of our Saturday-brunch-goers. Bring them together at Sydney’s Catmosphere Cafe, and you’ve got pure, stretchy bliss. At Cat Yoga you can breathe through vinyasa poses in the soothing company of some sweet, furry friends.

Oh, and if cats aren’t your thing, fear not: one venue in Amsterdam even offers Goat Yoga.

Where: Catmosphere Cat Cafe, Sydney
How much: $20 per person for one hour

#8 Operation Zombie Apocalypse

adventure combat ops
Photo: Adventure Combat Ops/Facebook

Ever considered how you’d survive during the zombie apocalypse? While your personal planning is likely hypothetical, one company in Las Vegas actually puts your skills to the test in a very real, very frightening way.

Operation Zombie Apocalypse divvies you up in teams under the leadership of an Army general and sees how well you can fight against Zombie invaders.

*gulps loudly*

Where: Adventure Combat Ops, Las Vegas
How much: From $210 ($159.99USD)

#7 Knight Tournament with Medieval Feast at Sumeg Castle

knight tournament
Photo: Undiscovered Hungary

Ever looked at the dirty, disease-ridden depiction of medieval times on screen and thought, hmm, that looks fun?

In Hungary, the Knight Tournament is a no-nonsense, no-cutlery experience of the Medieval era with this tour of Hungary’s Sümeg Castle. You get to visit the ancient fortress castle, as well as take part in a Medieval tournament, feast and countryside tour.

Where: Sumeg Castle, Hungary 
How much: $290 (€193) for transport, tour and meal

#6 K Live Hologram Concert

k pop
Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

K-Pop is the heart and soul of Korean pop culture, and no trip to the country would be complete without experiencing it for yourself. In Seoul, you can go to an actual hologram concert that features some of the country’s biggest stars like Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1. In fact, it’s the same technology that brought Tupac on stage at Coachella.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get to explore a K-pop museum and the nearby Gwangjang Market.

Where: Departures from your Seoul city hotel
How much: $130 ($99USD)

#5 Jamaica Bobsledding Tour

Photo: Rainforest Adventure Tours

Get your Cool Runnings on with a bobsledding adventure through Jamaica’s Mystic Mountain. You’ll get to experience the jungle foliage, have an extremely fun time and honour the 1988 Olympic team. How can you go wrong?

Where: Rainforest Adventures, Jamaica
How much: $90 ($69USD)

#4 Roman Gladiator School

Photo: CC

Whether you’ve see the Russell Crowe film or properly read into the history, chances are, you’ve thought about being an actual Roman gladiator at least once in your life. Well, now you can give it a real-life go and see if you’ve got what it takes at the Roman Gladiator School.

Located right near the Colosseum, this 2 hour course will teach you all the history, traditions, rules and sword fighting techniques of a bonafide Roman warrior. You’ll even get your very own gladiator costume so you look the part when you coast into battle.

Where: Roman Gladiator School, Rome
How much: $83 ($63USD)

#3 Altitude Golf

over the top golf
Photo: Over The Top Golf

Golf might not seem like the craziest holiday activity, but when you can only access the course via helicopter, it quickly becomes pretty damn badass.

Practise those strokes among the stunning Queenstown backdrop with Over The Top Golf. You get to fly in by helicopter, play the hole, and fly out again to the next one. If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re living the millionaire life, I don’t know what will.

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Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Where: Over The Top Golf, Queenstown
How much: $455 ($475NZD)

#2 Owl Café

owl cafe
Photo: Yuki Hirano/Flickr CC

Animal cafes are the best, and Japan does them especially well. We’re already across the cat cafe trend, but did you know you can sip some tea at an owl cafe too? Akihabara’s Owl Cafe lets you pick out your very own Hedwig and hang out with her for a whole hour.

Imagine the Instagrams!

Where: Owl Cafe, Akihabara
How much: $20 for one hour

#1 Poopoo Land

A post shared by Magopoi (@magopoi) on

Come one, come all to the weirdest tourist attraction of all time: Poopoo land. And yes, it’s the, uh, ‘poopoo’ you’re thinking of.

Korea’s Poopoo Land is the only place in the world that you can actually pretend to be human waste by following a lifesize intestinal tract. The place has three floors titled “poop paradise”, “toilet secret” and the “intestine experiment”.

Don’t forget to pick up some poopoo souvenirs at the gift shop on your way out.

Where: Poopoo Land, Seoul
How much: $7 (6000KRW)

(Lead image: Visit Seoul)

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