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You Can Spend A Night At The Great Wall Of China Thanks To Airbnb

You Can Spend A Night At The Great Wall Of China Thanks To Airbnb

Great Wall of China Airbnb

Editor’s note: On Tuesady 7 August Airbnb cancelled its competition to stay on the Great Wall of China. So enjoy the photos below, but don’t get too excited about staying in this architectural wonder.

One of the greatest human architectural feats of all time will soon make an appearance on Airbnb. The Great Wall of China, located north of Beijing, will open one small section to four lucky competition winners, who will be the first in millennia to stay overnight in the iconic monument.

Airbnb The Great Wall of China Airbnb 131

The Great Wall of China Airbnb is limited to the four competition winners for now but, even if we’re not successful, the rest of us can appreciated the lush setup inside a turret on the ancient fortification. There are full views of the surrounding wall, mountains and forest from the turret, which is styled with plush furnishings and an open rooftop for a view of the skies.


The winners will also be treated to a gourmet dinner with multiple courses focusing on different aspects of Chinese culture, a sunrise hike through surrounding countryside, and experience additional Airbnb Experiences – which you can book year-round – such as Chinese-seal engraving, a cultural music experience or calligraphy classes.

The Great Wall of China Airbnb

To enter the competition to stay for a night in the Great Wall of China, Airbnb has called for entrants to say “why it is more important now than ever to break down barriers between cultures and how you want to build new connections”. Entries must be submitted by August 11 on the Great Wall’s listing page.

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So get entering for your chance to stay in the Great Wall of China Airbnb. And read about the most popular castle listings on the site while you’re at it.

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(All images: Airbnb / supplied)

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