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‘Great British Pub Dogs’ Celebrates The UK’s Four-Legged Locals

‘Great British Pub Dogs’ Celebrates The UK’s Four-Legged Locals

Great British Pub Dogs

Dogs have the power to make an ordinary place — like hotels and airports — extraordinary.

Back in 2010, photographer Abbie Lucas and journalist Paul Fleckney thought the same thing while enjoying a pint at a local pub in Angel, London. They saw a doggo wearing a tatty red bandanna as though he owned the joint.

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The two joked that the idea of pub-dwelling dogs might make a good book. Seven years later, their book Great British Pub Dogs: From Dachshunds to Great Danes, the Canine Residents of Britain’s Pubs has hit shelves.

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The duo searched far and wide for the cutest pups to include in their book.

“All the dogs in our book actually belong to the pub, so they have really strong connections to the locals and the community,” Fleckney and Lucas told Lonely Planet. “By digging around and finding these pub dogs all around the country, we’ve uncovered all these micro-communities of people who come and visit the local pub dog, take it out for walks, visit it for company.”

The animals are also incredible icebreakers, the duo told the publication. “Humans are good at building up little social barriers, but they’re no match for a pub dog, who will trample all over them in the best possible way, getting people talking and bringing people together.”

Great British Pub Dogs is available now, and can be purchased on Amazon for $16 (£9).

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