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We Kid You Not: Goat Yoga Has Arrived In Sydney

We Kid You Not: Goat Yoga Has Arrived In Sydney

Eliit Therapies Sydney Goat Yoga

For years now, our friends in the northern hemisphere have been enjoying all the health and heart benefits that come with having adorable baby goats bounce around their yoga classes. Hell, it’s been around for so long it’s been replaced by alpaca dance classes. Now – finally – goat yoga has found its way Down Under.

Yep, at Eliit Therapies and Body Balance Studio in Galston in Sydney’s Hill district, yoga devotees can downward dog and cat pose while the bleating cuties meander around (and sometimes on top of) them.

Eliit Therapies Sydney Goat Yoga

While the yoga is supplied by Eliit Therapies, the goats come care of Dural-based mobile petting zoo KindiFarm.


“It’s quite popular in some areas over in the States, so we thought we’d give it a go here,” Eliit Therapies owner Inge Sildnik, who has worked as a professional stunt woman both here and overseas, told the Daily Telegraph, adding that the goats seemed to enjoy the experience as much as those attending the classes.

“When people are happy and they’re smiling, it obviously works to release your endorphins and your happy hormones and it reduces obviously the cortisol stress levels,” Sildnik said.

Eliit Therapies Sydney Goat Yoga

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Representatives for Eliit Therapies told AWOL they did the first class to gauge interest in goat yoga classes and were so overwhelmed by the support they received that they’ve since hosted a second class. The next class will take place on Saturday, November 4, with the possibility of a more regular program being introduced in early 2018.

It’s gre-e-e-e-at.

(All images: Eliit Therapies and Body Balance Studio / Facebook)

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