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‘Gladiator’ Will Screen At Rome’s Circo Massimo With A Full Orchestra

‘Gladiator’ Will Screen At Rome’s Circo Massimo With A Full Orchestra

Travelling the globe in search of the real-life movie locations of our favourite films is a trend that’s blowing up right now. But what if we told you that movie fans will soon have the chance to watch one of the most epic action films of the ’00s in the world’s most famous ancient stadium?

Sharpen your swords and hold on to your shields: a screening of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator (accompanied by live orchestra no less) is coming to Rome’s Circo Massimo this June.


Yep, the Eternal City is about to put on a show for the ages, when conductor Justin Freer and the musicians and choir from the Italian Film Orchestra accompany an HD outdoor screening of the film at the ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium.

“Gladiator remains one of the most vibrant and visceral stories ever told on film,” Freer told LonelyPlanet News. “Reliving this masterpiece and its unforgettable soundtrack with a live chorus and orchestra, in the very sites where the gladiators of the Roman Empire battled one another, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

While the Gladiator film was actually shot in various locations across Morocco, Malta and England, we reckon Rome’s Circo Massimo will offer the most true-to-life experience.

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It’s a two-nights-only show, screening on Friday June 8 and Saturday June 9. Ticket prices range from $80 (€50) to $400 (€250) depending on how close to the action you’d like to sit, and can be booked online.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Rome
  • Take the RE FL1 R 22025 towards Fara Sabina to Roma Ostiense
  • Walk 450m to Matteucci/ Benzoni
  • Take the 715 towards Teatro Marcello to Terme Deciane/ La Malfa
  • Walk 100m to Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park
  • Circus Maximus — Via del Circo Massimo, Rome
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(Lead image: Gladiator / Universal Pictures)

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