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George R.R. Martin Invested In A Strange & Wonderful Funhouse

George R.R. Martin Invested In A Strange & Wonderful Funhouse

As any respectable Game of Thrones fan knows, author George R. R. Martin is currently working hard (or hardly working?) on the final installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, which is titled The Winds of Winter.

meIn between chapters however, R. R. Martin recently found time and funds to donate to a DIY artist collective, who have gone and opened this hyper-colourful funhouse to the public.



A group of 150 artists banded together to create the space (located in Sante Fe, New Mexico) which been given the very GOT sounding name of The House of Eternal Ruin. This new interactive space is being billed as an immersive art installation which you can experience, choose-your-own-adventure-style.

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The House of Eternal Ruin has dispelled the usual ‘look, but don’t touch’ museum mantra; instead, they’ve designed spaces that are meant to be touched, pressed and played with. You can even crawl inside a few spots. They’re billing it as a “new form of non-linear storytelling which unfolds through exploration, discovery and 21st century interactivity.”  

Seriously, why can’t all galleries double as adult playgrounds?  

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The artist collective, known as Meow Wolf, were inspired by arcades, theme parks, grocery stores, nature and even Burning Man. Vince Kadlubek, one of Meow Wolf’s organisers says, “The group has been inspired by monumental works of art […] At the heart of it we are probably most inspired by the forts we built growing up and certainly Nickelodeon, MTV, Jim Henson, Tumblr and Twin Peaks.”

This cacophony of influences culminates in the huge makeshift house that sits in the building’s impressive 1900 square metre floorspace. The two-storey space includes a rundown kitchen and sort of scary bathroom that visitors can explore.

This looks so awesome.

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