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Flat Pack Food? IKEA Has Launched A ‘Cook This Page’ Recipe Series

Flat Pack Food? IKEA Has Launched A ‘Cook This Page’ Recipe Series

From flat-pack furniture to pillows and trinkets, you can buy just about anything at furniture giant IKEA. And they’ve just branched out into another industry altogether: home cooking.

That’s right: the Swedish company is now selling cookbooks, and the instructions are as simple as they are for building that Algot shoe organiser.

Considering you can buy everything you’ll need to cook at home – including the entire kitchen itself – at IKEA, it makes sense that they not only plan to design your kitchen, but the food you make inside it too.

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The “IKEA Easy Recipe Series” has been designed to inspire creativity and adventurous cooking in the kitchen. According to the company’s official video (below), “IKEA wanted to show people that getting creative can be deliciously simple”.

The recipe layout looks exactly the same as IKEA’s instruction manuals for building furniture. What’s special about the cookbook is that you’re meant to use it as a guide – literally. The illustrations are made to scale, and the book itself is made from non-toxic material designed to be used as a base for the actual ingredients.


Not only can you purchase the right utensils in store, but they even sell the ingredients in some countries. All in all, the company is making it seriously easy to become a gourmet chef in your own home.

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It’s actually not the first time IKEA have released a cookbook; back in 2011 they released a baking cookbook, “Hembakat är Bäst” or “Homemade is best”. Their website also features a number of diverse and interesting recipes, from Huevos Rancheros to picked red cabbage, and of course, those famous Swedish meatballs.

(All images: IKEA/YouTube)

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