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Feast Your Eyes On India’s Amazing Wes Anderson-Inspired Restaurant

Feast Your Eyes On India’s Amazing Wes Anderson-Inspired Restaurant

Feast India Company

From cafes to Airbnbs and even luggage, Wes Anderson’s whimsical aesthetic has inspired cinephiles from around the world for years now. But few establishments have been as dedicated to the look as Feast India Company.

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the restaurant’s walls, floor, ceiling and exterior are all adorned with angular black, white and pink stripes. The whole thing is an unmissable monochrome dream.

Architect Sanchit Arora of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio told Lonely Planet Feast India is inspired by the “bygone extravagance” the 19th-century British Raj.

“The clients needed something that was never seen in the city, to catch the attention of the audience by making an immediate impact,” Arora said. Apparently, the owner’s a big Wes Anderson fan.

Staff at the restaurant are dressed to the nines in bright button-downs and bow ties, meaning they’d look equally comfortable at Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. They serve up “an affair of progressive Indian cuisine”, featuring familiar dishes like chicken tikka and biryani.


How To Get There

  • Fly into Chennai International Airport
  • Drive 340km via NH48 (about 6 hours)
  • Feast India Company, 70, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051
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(Lead image: Saurabh Suryan / Lokesh Dang for Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio)

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