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These Are The Cheapest Destinations To Visit This European Summer

These Are The Cheapest Destinations To Visit This European Summer

With the Aussie winter just around the corner, those of us who don’t cope with the cold are looking to warmer climes for an escape.

Fortunately, the folks at the UK’s Post Office City Costs Barometer have released their 10th annual report, which reveals the cheapest destinations to hit up if you’re looking to maintain your tan and your bank balance.

To determine the cities in which your dollar will go furthest, the Post Office assesses 12 key holiday expenditures – like entry fees for attractions like museums, the cost of two nights’ accommodation in a three-star hotel, and a three-course meal – in 36 European cities.


“In a clean sweep for Eastern Europe at the top of the barometer table, the Baltic capitals of Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia) are runners up to Krakow, while Warsaw and Budapest are also great value,” Post Office representatives said in a statement.

“It’s not just in Eastern Europe that prices are low. Athens is also great value and cheapest in Western Europe – with, by far, the lowest meal costs of any city surveyed – while Lisbon and Lille also make the top 10.”

But best of all, this year’s survey showed costs have tumbled across the board, with the biggest drop observed in notoriously expensive Stockholm.

Somewhat surprisingly, Amsterdam was found to be the most expensive destination to visit this Euro summer, followed by Oslo and Reykjavik.

Scroll down to see the 10 cheapest destinations to visit this summer.

#1 Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland
Image: Lucas Albuquerque

The best-value destination across 12 categories, Poland’s second city came in at just $301 (£165) for two nights, including drinks, sightseeing, and transport.


#2 Vilnius, Lithuania

Image: Sergei Gussev/ Flickr

While prices in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius are 19 per cent higher than they were a year ago, the city still came in a close second, costing an average $302 (£166) for a two-night stay.

#3 Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia
Image: Sascha Israel

Boasting the cheapest average accommodation in Europe, it costs just $313 (£172) per night to holiday in Latvian capital Riga.

#4 Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland
Image: Alexey Topolyanskiy

Poland’s capital is on the up, with a two-day visit likely to set you back $330 (£181).


#5 Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary
Image: Daniel Olah

At just $335 (£184) for a two-night visit, you could do worse than a trip to the glittering Hungarian capital.

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#6 Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia
Image: Andrey Filippov/ Flickr

The highest new top-10 entrant, Moscow has jumped 10 places after overall costs dropped 9.6 per cent. A two-night visit to the Russian capital will set you back $365 (£200).

#7 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic
Image: Jay Dantinne

Prague? In the European summer? For just $365 (£200) for two nights? Where do we sign up?

#8 Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece
Image: Arthur Yeti

Reclaiming its place as the cheapest city in Western Europe, meals in Athens were cheaper than in any other city surveyed in this year’s index. And when you consider you’ll be chowing down on a Mediterranean diet, it’s a double-win for just $365 (£200) for two nights.


#9 Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
Image: Lili Popper

Prices in Lisbon have jumped a whopping 29 per cent in the last year, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be emptying your wallet if you want to visit. A two-night visit costs just $381 (£209).


#10 Lille, France

Lille, France
Image: Klim Levene/ Flickr

Registering a 2.1 per cent drop in costs across the board, a two-night trip to dreamy French city Lille costs $381 (£209), though we’d recommend stashing a few extra Euros for all those pastries you’ll inevitably eat.

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