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These Are The 3 Eurovision Songs That Are Tipped To Win This Year

These Are The 3 Eurovision Songs That Are Tipped To Win This Year

Oh, Eurovision. That annual competition that I only understand slightly more since that Will Farrel movie. In case you missed it (and that would be totally fair, there’s been a lot happening in the last year), the 2021 entries are in and the betting odds are out.

A full 39 songs will take part in the contest, and the current top five (according to Eurovision World) are all countries that either haven’t won before or haven’t won in almost 30 years. They are Italy, France, Bulgaria, Malta and Switzerland.

Number or in the betting odds is Switzerland. Please take a gander at their performance video before we go any further.

Titled Tout l’Univers the very moody song features Gjon Muharremaj from Broc in the Canton of Fribourg (a rural area in western Switzerland) who goes by the stage name of Gjon’s Tears. I have no idea what the song is saying, but I do know I’m sad about it.

Next, we have Malta with a mildly chaotic crowd-pleaser — which is the point of Eurovision isn’t it? Let’s all enjoy this video entry together.

The song Je Me Casse is performed by Destiny. Having performed (and won with a record amount of points) for Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and having auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, the odds are in her favour.

Then rounding out the top three is Bulgaria with Growing Up Is Getting Old, performed by VICTORIA — yes, with all capitals apparently.

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This artist was slated to win Eurovision in 2020, until Covid went ahead and got it cancelled. Now she’s back in the top three with an ode to “a journey to self-improvement by revisiting your roots and the places you feel safe”.

Look, Australia hasn’t made the top 10 when it comes to betting odds, but Montaigne‘s officially entry with new song Technicolour is an actual delight. She debuted it at this year’s Sydney Mardis Gras, but if you haven’t seen it yet, please enjoy.

So there you have it, the top three favourites coming in hot. This year the competition will start on May 18 and end on May 22. It’s being held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands but you can watch it on SBS.

(Lead image: provided / Eurovision World)

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