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Six Of The Most Extreme Food Challenges From Across Australia

Six Of The Most Extreme Food Challenges From Across Australia

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Have you ever watched shows like Man v. Food and caught yourself thinking, “I reckon I could do that”?

From the biggest burgers to the wickedest wings, there are a bunch of eating challenges where you can to test your abilities — some of which have some pretty sweet prizes, should you triumph — all over Australia. Here are some of the most extreme to get you started.

#1 1kg Doughnut

Kenilworth Bakery on Queensland‘s Sunshine Coast is challenging visitors to have a crack at its monstrous 1kg doughnut creation, stuffed with their choice of Nutella, jam or custard.

It’ll set you back $20, but if you manage to finish, you’ll get your money back back along with the best prize of all — a plaque on the bakery’s wall (and ultimate bragging rights).

It reportedly takes a good couple of hours to get through “The Beast” and only a handful of legends have managed it so far. If you’re in town and willing to give it a go, you’ll need to send bakery staff a message via their Facebook page the day before you intend on taking on the challenge to ensure they’re ready for you.

Where: Kenilworth Bakery, 8 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth QLD

#2 The Tomahawk

What can only be described as something an actual caveman would devour on the daily, The Tomahawk at Neutral Bay’s The Oaks Hotel in Sydney is sure boost those iron levels.

Image: The Oaks Hotel / Facebook

The meal consists of a 1.8kg rib eye fillet, half a kilo of twice-fried potatoes and a generous serve of crisp green beans, just in case you’re still feeling a bit snacky when you get through the rest.

Finish or not, the meal costs $85 and you’ll receive a glorious trucker hat for your effort.

Where: The Oaks Hotel, 118 Military Road, Neutral Bay NSW

#3 The Don

The Don at The Beer and Burger Bar in Richmond is something else. It’s the kind of burger that you’d need to unhinge your jaw in order to get your mouth around.

The Don
Image: The Beer and Burger Bar

It consists of a 700g house-made brioche bun, two 600g beef patties, 16 (yes, 16) rashers of bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, aioli, mustard, tomato sauce and is topped with an onion ring. There’s also 400g of chips and two cans of soft drink for you to wash it all down.

All that’s up for grabs for one of the most extreme eating challenges we’ve ever seen is glory, but the time to beat is 22 minutes and 55 seconds.

If you’re keen, you’ll need to book in advance via the website.

Where: The Beer and Burger Bar, 112 Swan Street, Richmond VIC

#4 The Windsor Window-Maker Challenge

Taking a quick break from challenges that are just mounds and mounds of food, this spicy eating challenge at The Hotel Windsor in Perth will test your willpower and determination. All you’ve got to do is eat eight wings in eight minutes. Easy, right?

Image: The Windsor Hotel South Perth / Facebook

Did we mention they’re smothered in dangerously hot sauce? So hot, in fact, that you’ll need to sign a waver before competing.

If you manage to stomach them, you’ll score a free meal, a $100 bar tab and mad respect. Visit the website for more details.

Where: The Windsor Hotel, 112 Mill Point Road, Perth WA

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#5 2kg Rump Steak

In another neanderthal-style feast, Nik’s BBQ on The Lake at Mawson Lakes, just north of Adelaide, is dishing up a humungous slab of rump steak.

rump steak
Image: Niks Bbq on the Lake

Weighing in at 2kg, the steak is complimented with the most iconic pub sides — chips and salad — and your choice of sauce. If you manage to polish it off in an hour, it’s yours, free (as is the food coma you’re bound to experience).

Where: Nik’s BBQ on The Lake, 2/131 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes SA

#6 FreakShakes

While not technically an eating challenge, the FreakShakes at Patissez are a Canberra staple, taking the humble milkshake and turning it into something special.

Image: Pitissez

Each shake has a theme, and all the elements must work together to create a complete flavour experience. It starts in the bakery, where each of its ingredients are carefully crafted then finished with lots of spectacular bits.

Shakes include the Fruity Freak, Freakin Nutz and Cookies ‘n’ Freaks.

Where: Patissez, 21 Bougainville Street, Griffith ACT

Are you up for any of these eating challenges?

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(Image: The Beer and Burger Bar

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