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It’s Impossible To Take A Bad Photo At This London Restaurant

It’s Impossible To Take A Bad Photo At This London Restaurant

While a plate of food looks extremely tasty, capturing it on camera is a whole other issue. Through a lens, it can be too dark, too saturated, or too pixelated. Thankfully, a restaurant in London is offering a helping hand.

The new Soho branch of famous London restaurant Dirty Bones is a ‘grammers paradise. They’ve got neon signs lighting up Tupac quotes, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and classic American soul food on the menu. And the restaurant hands out Instagram kits with meals so any old diner can capture all the cool stuff that’s happening from the best possible angle.

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According to Mic, there’s a small LED light, a tripod, multi-device charger and a clip-on wide-angle lens. Oh, and of course, a selfie stick. Because what’s an Instagram kit without one of those?

If you’d rather tuck in than take a photo, you can give the kit a miss. They’re not compulsory, but guests do have to return them to staff after use.

There’s no chance of taking a bad photo at Dirty Bones. Just do it quickly, so your food doesn’t get cold.

(Lead image: dirtyboneslondon / Instagram)

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