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Deliveroo’s Giant Burger Wall At Martin Place Is Giving Away 2000 Free Burgers Today

Deliveroo’s Giant Burger Wall At Martin Place Is Giving Away 2000 Free Burgers Today

Can you believe that Australians have ordered five million burgers on Deliveroo?! Well you better, and not just because food delivery people are the only humans who visit you at your house. Rather, because the food delivery service is prepping to celebrate in a very special way.


Here at AWOL we’re big fans of a sneaky burger from time to time, which is why we were thrilled to hear that Deliveroo is celebrating the delivery of their five-millionth burg with – can you guess? – even MORE burgers! And the best news is that they’re free for anyone who wants them.

Today, Thursday April 4, Deliveroo has created what it’s calling Australia’s “first edible billboard” in Sydney’s Martin Place. It’s be stocked with more than 2000 of your favourite burgers from some of Australia’s best burger joints.

That includes dirty burgs from KFC, Mary’s and BL Burgers. Fancy burgs from Burger Project, Ribs and Burgers. Chicken burgs from Belles Hot Chicken, and more delicious burgs from Ume Burger, Betty’s Burgers and 8bit. What a range! The hardest part will probably be choosing which legendary burger creator you will choose.

Deliveroo's Facebook event announcing the free burgers billboard event

Yes, all of these spectacular burger makers are coming together to celebrate Australia’s love of the humble burger.

The edible burger billboard will be up from 12pm until 6pm today, and burgers will be available until they run out. We suggest attending as early as possible to make sure you get your burger and also because, you know, general hygiene.

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(Lead image: Betty’s Burgers / Facebook)

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