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Avocado Beer Is Now A Thing That Exists Thanks To This Aussie Brewery

Avocado Beer Is Now A Thing That Exists Thanks To This Aussie Brewery

Australians love a good craft beer on a hot day, and we’re also quite partial to avocado. Ok, maybe I’m just describing myself but I’m Aussie and therefore I’m sticking with my generalisations. What I never imaged though, was melding those two things together.

Australian Avocados partnered with the craft beer legends at Grassy Knoll Brewing in Sydney’s Marrickville (which was named one of the coolest suburbs in the world, FYI) to create the Aussie Avo Ale you never asked for, but now can’t deny you desperately need to taste.

Described by it’s creators as “a refreshing full-bodied cream ale brewed with fresh Australian Avocados”. They also explain that to complement the creaminess, “Grassy Knoll added a generous dry hopping for a tropical pillowy experience”.

“Australian Avocados brings an entirely fresh and unique flavour profile to the beer,” explained Grassy Knoll founder Jeff Argent. “We’ve created a beer that hooks into the trend of cream ales and adding an avo has totally opened our minds to exploring and experimenting more with Australian Avocado recipes”.

Look. I’m honestly confused about how this will taste, but that description sounds… kind of nice?

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It’s only been crafted in a limited batch though, so you don’t have long to decide if you’re into it or not. You can buy it online here, or around the country from Bucket Boys (Marrickville, NSW), Papi Dulce (Wollongong, NSW), Krafted Beer Festival (Gold Coast, QLD), Saccharomyces Bottle Shop (Brisbane, QLD) and Cloud Wines (South M, VIC).

Avo good time hunting it down.

In general, Marrickville is the best suburb in Sydney for a one stop, craft brewery shop. From cult favourite Batch Brewing, to the intimate tin shed of Willie the Boatman, to the large warehouse brewpub of Sauce Brewing Co — all within walking distance of each other. Basically, if you love beer, get to Marrickville.

(Lead Image: Provided / Grassy Knoll)

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