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China’s New Panda Centre Is Where Dreams Are Made

China’s New Panda Centre Is Where Dreams Are Made

The Wolong National Nature Reserve has officially opened their brand spanking new Panda Centre in southwest China and it’s pandamonium (sorry) for panda lovers.

The 200,000 hectare nature reserve is home to over 4000 animal species including the likes of red pandas, giant pandas and golden monkeys. Not surprisingly, the brand new panda enclosure is set to be one of the most popular because, well… reasons.

AK58HY Giant Panda Cub

The Shenshuping Panda Centre in Sichuan is now home to 59 giant pandas, who will be kept in semi-natural enclosures in the 200,000 hectare nature reserve. These enclosures let the pandas play, sleep in trees and munch on heaps of bamboo, all while aiding in the repopulation of these endangered creatures.

Alongside the giant pandas there’s a fresh crop of year-old panda cubs to oogle at too. We can only assume the Shenshuping Panda Centre will be hiring a panda hugger as well, to keep the cubs company.

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The centre is located about a day’s drive from Shanghai. Road trip?

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