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China Just Built The World’s Biggest Ferris Wheel

China Just Built The World’s Biggest Ferris Wheel

From Sydney Harbour to the London Eye, the High Roller in Las Vegas and even Coachella, one thing connects the landscape of each: a towering ferris wheel. The eye-catching rides are thrilling and treacherous at the best of times, and China may have just unveiled the most exciting one yet: the world’s largest spokeless ferris wheel.

That’s right, spokeless. We weren’t even aware spokeless ferris wheels were a thing. You learn something new every day, that’s for sure.

Photo: Xinhua

The new ferris wheel is situated in Weifang, on the Bailand River Bridge. It contains 36 carts, each able to hold up to 10 people. The ferris wheel stands 145 metres tall (that’s 10 higher than the London Eye), takes 28 minutes to complete one rotation, and allows an incredible view of the Shandong Province in East China. However, for those who grow tired of looking outside, Wi-Fi and a built-in TV have been installed in each cart.

An architect’s original rendering. Photo: Xinhua

It’s the first time a ferris wheel has been constructed using a “grid design”, inspired by the design structure of a kite, according to Chinese newspaper Xinhua.

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(Lead image: Xinhua)

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