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China Is Building The World’s Highest Transparent Bridge

China Is Building The World’s Highest Transparent Bridge

Many of the planet’s incredible views also offer a side of sweaty palms, but this one really takes it up a notch. China will soon open its latest architectural phenomenon – the world’s highest and longest transparent bridge, set in the same national park that inspired the alien planet Pandora in Avatar.


The dizzyingly high bridge, which is set to open in July, will span the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in the national park of the same name in China’s Hunan province.


The structure will stretch a whopping 430 metres between two cliff faces, allowing you to stroll (or drag yourself, shaking and crying) over a 300 metre high vertical drop, the magnitude of which will clearly be visible through the see-through bridge you are standing on.


In comparison, the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk in the US is a 21 metre walk, 219 metres above the canyon floor.

Not content with accomplishing just one superlative, the highest point on the bridge will also be home to the world’s highest bungee jump, practically dwarfing Macau, China’s Tower’s current record 233 metre drop.

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The bridge is designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, who has created the structure without using any steel or concrete. Dotan says the bridge will be able to hold up to 800 people at once and also serve as a runway for fashion shows. Here’s hoping those models don’t mind heights.


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