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A Blessed Chicken Nugget Festival Is Hitting Perth In October

A Blessed Chicken Nugget Festival Is Hitting Perth In October

Stuff Your Face At Perth's First-Ever Chicken Nugget Festival

Nuggs are life. Fact. End of story. And an entire chicken festival dedicated to chicken nuggets, the sweet food from the gods, is coming to Perth in October, so cancel your plans, hop a plane, stuff your face, reach enlightenment.

The inaugural WA Goon & Nugz Festival will make its grand debut at Perth Mess Hall, the city’s permanent food truck park and bar. It’ll be a whole day of chicken nuggets, hot off the grill — and isn’t that all anybody ever wants?


Nugget devotees will be able to eat from eight of Perth’s best (and coolest) food trucks. Go straight for the nugs or try one of the special chicken nugget-inspired dishes that have been added to the menu especially for the big day.


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There’ll also be vegetarian options — because nobody should have to miss out on nuggets. And obviously there’ll be a crazy amount of dipping sauces. And there’ll be a selection of WA’s finest goon for sampling, because it just works.


If you’re serious about your game, you can enter the chicken nugget eating competition or become the undisputed champion of the ping pong tables.

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It’s hard to imagine a world without this blessed celebration of our favourite food, but it almost never existed. “I came up with the festival as a joke back in 2017, but people went nuts for the concept so I decided to put it on for real with the help from the good folks at Perth Mess Hall,” says festival creator Ronan Freeburn.

However it happened, we’re just glad that it did.

The chicken nugget festival is going down on Saturday, October 19. Tickets are on sale now for $21.76, and you’ll also score a keep cup and tasting tokens for your dollarydoos.

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