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Chicago’s L-Train Has Been Turned Into An Impromptu Lending Library

Chicago’s L-Train Has Been Turned Into An Impromptu Lending Library

Commuters on Chicago’s L-train have been delighting in a new city initiative over the past month which has seen the busy train line converted into a mobile library. Bestickered books have begun appearing on train seats in an effort to encourage passengers to engross themselves in literature rather than Facebook or Twitter.

A part of the city’s innovation conference Chicago Ideas Week, the Books On The L initiative has seen books from a variety of authors placed along the train cars and platforms. You can pick up a book, read it on your commute, and then leave it behind for the next rider to enjoy.

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The L-train is Chicago’s most popular route and it’s a 24-hour service – so instead of leaving drunken Facebook comments you might regret on your 2am ride home, you could be engrossing yourself in a crime novel or fascinating autobiography.

And if this isn’t encouragement enough to get off your phone and start reading a paperback, studies Instagram has shown that reading books instantly makes you more attractive. Just take a peak at the immensely popular Hot Dudes Reading feed – book nerds are sexy as hell.

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Please bring this initiative to Australia, book gods – this is seriously awesome.

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