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Check Out This Beautiful Cherry Blossom-Themed Apartment In Japan

Check Out This Beautiful Cherry Blossom-Themed Apartment In Japan

Japan’s world-famous cherry blossoms can be pretty elusive. Many a traveller has spent a fair chunk of time and money on hunting the blossoms down, only to come up empty-handed, missing out on the experience due to a particularly windy or wet season. Or just the fact that the flowers only last a few weeks.

But if you’re a traveller willing to settle for something ever so slightly more artificial (though no less beautiful) than legit cherry blossoms, well then you’re in luck.


Moshi Moshi Rooms, a Japanese company that specialises in themed apartments that can be booked via Airbnb, are set to open a brand new cherry blossom-themed room this year.

Moshi Moshi's cherry blossom room is a work of art

The apartment boasts an exceptionally soothing pink colour scheme. Stepping inside is a little like taking a swim in a giant glass of Pimms.

But, needless to say, the real attention-grabber is the cherry blossom lamp that hangs above the room’s king-size bed.

After all, who wouldn’t want to fall asleep beneath a cherry tree? It’s like something pulled straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie.

Is there any better way to see Japan than while staying in a cherry bossom-themed room?

Better still, the room also comes with its own terrace rooftop space, making it a perfect place for a dose of away from home hosting.

Can you imagine anything better than spending your day exploring Japan before coming home to relax on a spacious rooftop, drink in hand, watching the sun go down?

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Oh, and then retiring for the night in a mess of pink sheets, blossoms above your head?

The cherry blossom room also boasts a beautiful terrace space

The cherry blossom dream-room is located in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, and can apparently fit up to six travellers. All that space actually makes it a pretty affordable place to stay – the room goes for AU$467 per night. Split six ways, that’s only $70.


So what are you waiting for: round up a bunch of your mates, and get ready to head over to Japan, won’t you?

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(All images: Moshi Moshi Rooms)

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