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Check Out This Balinese Glass-Bottom Hotel Room

Check Out This Balinese Glass-Bottom Hotel Room

Bambu Indah is a luxury boutique eco-hotel nestled into the dense tropical jungle of Ubud on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Their Udang House or “Shrimp House” room must be one of the most unique accommodation options in Bali, if not the world. The room, with all of the expected creature comforts of a luxury hotel, happens to sit directly on top of a fresh shrimp pond and the water fountain that supplies the hotel’s natural pool. But don’t worry about soggy feet – the room is separated from the pond by a thick glass bottom floor through which you can view an underwater panorama of the veritable crustacean station.

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With a partly outdoor bathroom and sections of glass tile roof to let in natural daylight and views of the night sky, it’s certainly one way to feel surrounded by nature.

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But that’s not the only reason to visit the eco-lodge. Bambu Indah’s Javanese antique teak homes were designed with the environment in mind, using low-impact measures, natural pools and natural ventilation for sustainability, even winning them an award in the 2013 HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards.

Good looking and guilt free. We’ll take it.

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