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Check Out These Amazing Photos Of Doors From Around The World

Check Out These Amazing Photos Of Doors From Around The World

It’s safe to assume we’re all intrinsically curious people. After all, if we weren’t so curious, we wouldn’t be jetting off to foreign lands and exotic isles at every chance we get, just to see how the rest of the world lives. It’s that same curiosity that leads us to try outlandish meals, hop in swimming holes and open dusty looking doors – for you never know where it might lead.

And it’s this curiosity that’s the impetus behind a new travel trend called Doortraits.

It’s pretty simple, really. Instead of posing for a selfie in front of a famous monument, or posting a picture of what you ate for dinner, Instagram users are instead choosing to capture different or unusual doors they see on their travels. Whether it’s a gaudy and exotic door in Rome, a simplistic Nordic design from Stockholm or an ageing entryway in Buenos Aires, each door tells a story – and that’s what people find so fascinating.

This brand new genre of travel photography is surging in popularity. You can currently find accounts focused on doors from Boston, Iran, Nicaragua, Stockholm, EnglandItaly and dozens more.

According to Erin Barnett, director of exhibitions and collections for New York’s International Centre of Photography, the whole idea of doortraits “evokes a kind of voyeurism”. We wonder what is going on behind a door and who will leave or enter; and in doing so, we’re spending a little time connecting with our imagination.


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For more doortraits, check out the hashtag.

(Lead images via doortraits/Instagram)

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