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Japan’s ‘Cat Island’ Really, Really Wants Ed Sheeran To Visit

Japan’s ‘Cat Island’ Really, Really Wants Ed Sheeran To Visit

Japan cat island

If you’re following Ed Sheeran on Instagram, you’ll be well aware that he loves cats, but who knew the feeling was mutual?

Ainoshima Island in Japan, otherwise known at Cat Heaven Island, is a feline lover’s dream – it’s home to over 150 cats who spend their days sunbathing by the sea and fangirling over Ed Sheeran.

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Recently, a YouTube channel dedicated to the kitty citizens of Cat Heaven Island released a video titled Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran, a cat-heavy music video set to ‘Shape of You’ and pleading with the pop star to visit during his upcoming tour of Japan.


The video features a bunch of different tabbies in a variety of locations around the island, showcasing beautiful backdrops and, most importantly, adorable kitties.

It wraps up by informing the audience (ie. Ed Sheeran) that the cats are carefree and full of life and, although they sometimes fight, they do love one another.

Even if Ed can’t make it, you can pay the pussycats a visit — there are 150 cats eagerly awaiting belly rubs, after all. Just know they stick to a rather strict schedule, so if you want to get the most out of your visit go in the morning or evening, because they’ll be cat-napping in the afternoon.

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(Lead Image: @yumutaka / instagram)

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