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Turns Out Australia Has Two Cities In The Top Three Most Sustainable In The World

Turns Out Australia Has Two Cities In The Top Three Most Sustainable In The World

Now more than ever we’re recognising the importance of sustainability and, you know, not killing the planet that we all live on. Cities and all the work going on within them are often a huge contributor to the climate crisis — but some of them are working much harder to decrease their footprint.

Ironically, given the latest budget from the pollies who live there, Canberra is actually the most sustainable city in the world.

Energy company comparer website, USwitch, has conducted research on all the cities in the world to compare their energy suppliers, transport, affordability, air quality and pollution, green space and more. With the results, they mapped out the most sustainable cities in the world, and Australia actually got two into the top five.

Image: provided by USwitch

Apparently, Canberra‘s number one placing is owing largely to the fact that its public transport system is the greenest in the world — in fact, 88.6 percent of its transport infrastructure is green. It also “it also offers 48 percent of its energy in sustainable ways, while only scoring 13.89 on the pollution index” according to the report.

So who was the other Aussie winner? Brisbane, who ranked in a very respectable third place. As the report explains “Australian cities, in general, perform well with excellent solar power bidding farewell to energy options of the past”.

Some other interesting facts include that Wellington has the lowest amount of pollution compared to all other cities. Nairobi‘s energy sources are 90 percent sustainable — which is bloody impressive — and Madrid (in second place on the list) uses 77.3 percent sustainable energy and 82 percent green transport.

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The report comes at an interesting time when the effects of Covid forced us to recognise the effects travel can have on the environment and people are starting to rethink the way they travel.

(Lead image: Canberra Tourist Commission via Tourism Australia)

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