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You Can Now Go On A Winery Crawl With UberWINE

You Can Now Go On A Winery Crawl With UberWINE


Uber drivers are the real MVPs, you guys. They’ve driven us home safe after our nights out on the town, delivered pad thai to our door when nobody else would and now they’ll even take us on tours of some of the world’s very best wineries.


A service after our own hearts, UberWINE is now a thing and to say we’re excited is an understatement.

So here’s how it works. On the Uber app, you’ll have the option to request a driver who you’ll be paired with for the entire day. Sit back, relax and be chauffeured as you hop between the vineyards.

As soon as you’re finished with wine tasting, just text your driver, they’ll pick you up and then you’ll be off to your next destination just like that.

There is catch though. At the moment, access to this feature is only available in Santa Barbra’s wine country, Napa Valley and Valle de Guadeloupe in Mexico. Meaning you can only use it if you plan a trip to California or Mexico – so not exactly a deal breaker.

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UberWINE is maybe the best way to explore the vineyards too. It’s super convenient and with easy-to-split bills, it’s pretty inexpensive.

What’re you waiting for? All that’s left to do is check out Qantas flights to begin your next adventure.

(Lead Image: Trent Erwin / Unsplash)

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