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Camping & Art Come Together At This Unique Campsite

Camping & Art Come Together At This Unique Campsite

Camping might have reached peak quirk with this unconventional campsite that blends art and sleeping in an open-air exhibition in Amsterdam.


Urban Campsite is by no means a traditional campsite – there’s not a tent in sight, nor are there sleeping bags or bug spray. Instead you’ve got a Kite Cabin, a Trampotent and even a Bedbug – but not the kind that irritates you in the night.

This is art, but not as you know it. The campsite is a publicly accessible exhibition that doubles as accommodation on a newly constructed island in the IJburg district in Amsterdam’s east. Random as it is, the “artworks” are all fully-functioning and can be booked through AirBnB for a relatively reasonable price.

Each of the installations at Urban Campsite differ in size and comfort, but each is equipped with a bed and a light. Perfect for those times when you want to escape technology and the rest of the world, this place will get you off the grid in artful style.


Is it glamping? Or is it just some really artsy camping? Who knows. The fact that you get to spend the night in a small wooden capsule or a goahti hut instead of a boring old tent is pretty one-of-a-kind.

Check out more info on Urban Campsite here, and their current Airbnb listing here.

(All images: Urban Campsite)

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