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Now You Can Get Your DIY Supplies From Bunnings Without Ever Leaving Your Car

Now You Can Get Your DIY Supplies From Bunnings Without Ever Leaving Your Car

Even if your home doesn’t actually NEED improvement, now is obviously the perfect time to get creative and try your hand at — well anything you can do around the house really.

This is probably why every time I pass Bunnings on my essential run around the neighbourhood there’s always plenty of cars and a (socially distanced) line at the door. However, this isn’t the time to wander through the store deciding what to get.

In fab news, they’ve announced a new ‘Drive and Collect’ service for 250 of their largest stores around the country, to make the whole process a little more safe and streamlined.

What is the Bunnings ‘Drive And Collect’ Service?

As the name suggests, it’s basically a click and collect service, except Bunnings will be taking it a step further to promote healthy social distancing: they’ll bring your order out to you and pack it in the boot of your car.

“We’re taking a common sense approach to finding ways to quickly adapt our business,” Bunnings managing director Mike Schneider said in a statement.

“This is just another example of how we are adapting our business to this changing environment and our store teams are doing their best to provide customers with the best service, while keeping everyone safe.”

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When you order your items online through the pre-existing Bunnings ‘Click & Collect’ option, you’ll be sent a link by the store with options for a pick up date and time.

When you arrive at your chosen time, you simply park in a designated ‘Drive & Collect’ bay with your order confirmation ready, then text or call the store so a staff member can bring your order out and pack it straight into your boot for you.

You can get all your craft and DIY home improvement supplies without ever stepping out of your car. It’s a dream! Maybe even take your own sausage sandwich to make the experience complete. Just a suggestion.

Let’s also not forget that they have a huge range of plants too, and this is a time for plant babies if ever I saw one.

(Lead Image: Bunnings Warhouse)

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