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Melbourne’s Brownie Batter Bento Boxes Are A Dessert Fan’s Dream

Melbourne’s Brownie Batter Bento Boxes Are A Dessert Fan’s Dream

Proof Is In The Pudding brownie batter bento box

Traditionally, a bento box offers the single-serving-size equivalent of a Japanese smorgasbord. And in a world where messing with beloved foods happens on the reg, one has to wonder what a dessert version of a bento box would look like.

Well, the team at Proof Is In The Pudding, the boutique Melbourne bakery wondered that too, following through with the brownie batter bento box.

The box of brownie goodness is made to share with mates (or devoured in one sitting, we won’t judge) and features Belgian chocolate brownie batter, as well as a few add-ins, like Mars bars, Smarties, berries and almonds.

There are three types up for grabs: the Chocoholic, Very Vegan and Guten Gone, so you’re bound to find one you like. You can even pre-order them online to get stuck into that chocolaty action even sooner.

If a brownie batter bento box doesn’t sound like a good time, firstly, how dare you? Secondly, Proof Is In The Pudding offers a variety of treats, including Tim Tim-stuffed doughnuts and Kinder mousse cakes.

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How To Get There

  • Fly into Melbourne Airport
  • Take the SkyBus to Southern Cross Station
  • Take the Frankston towards Frankston to South Yarra
  • Walk 270 m (about 4 minutes)
  • Proof Is In The Pudding, 31 Chambers Street, South Yarra
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(Lead Image: Proof is in the Pudding / Facebook)

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